The GAP Value and Vision


Our work is inspired by the core values that have been with The 360 TSL since day one: integrity, care, responsibility, passion, optimism, courage and peace. As we work toward securing a healthy Mother Earth for today and for generations to come, we are guided by these 7 (Seven) fundamental values;-

We strongly believe in personal INTEGRITY and we practice honesty and consistency in all our activities and aspect everyone will act with same molar and ethical standard.

We do CARE for our self, for others, for nature, for future generation and for Mother Earth

We take the personal RESPONSIBILITY to act sustainably in all our daily activities with honesty and integrity.

We are PASSIONATE about nature and cherish the diversity of life from the sea bottoms to the mountain peaks.

We are highly OPTIMISTIC about our ability to tackle Global Worming and create a World that good for all of us.

We have the COURAGE to take bold action in the face of naysayers and critics, persevere through challenging times, and pursue our vision tirelessly and with enthusiasm.

We strongly believe all humankind is searching for PEACE and ‘doing the right thing’ is a peaceful act.


We dream for health and vitality of all life within a generation to a prosperous future for all us with commitment of caring for the nature, community, country and for the Mother Earth