Massage from the Creator

Bangladesh is an emerging country and Bangladesh’s economic growth has shown commendable performance for the last 20 years. Impressive private sector led growth of above 5% for last two decades have indeed taken the economy to a new trajectory. Economic Outlook of Bangladesh are Positive Sovereign Rating by Moody’s Investor’s Services and Standard & Poor’s (S&P), Bangladesh has been included in ‘The Next-11’ by Goldman Sachs, new PWC 30 list by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), ‘Hottest emerging market; by Investor Chronicle, and ‘Frontier Five’ by JP Morgan.

To support this growth Bangladesh is developing its infrastructures and power sectors. At the same time Bangladesh have very high energy crisis and the per capita energy use is low and it is one of the lowest in the region. Bangladesh’s water resources are also at risk and our access to clean water is becoming a challenging issue.

Global Warming is the next biggest challenge for world. It is the gradual heating of earth’s surface, ocean and atmosphere. The main reason behind this is emission of huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that absorb and trap heat in the atmosphere. We all are contributing to global warming with most of our daily activities.

Sustainability practices are no longer optional for Bangladesh. It’s an economic and environmental imperative for government, all companies and organizations and all individuals. Sustainable development is a necessary response to our growth support, energy crisis, water issue and global warming.

Sustainability practices and going green save money, energy, water, land and other resources for the country and gives an edge over competitors. Sustainable Design and Green Buildings improves the health and productivity of employees. Reducing organization’s reliance on fossil fuels is the best adaptation to reduce carbon emission and address Climate Change in personal and local level.

Going green is beneficial for all of us that include us, our Homes, our Communities, our Cities, our Businesses and the Environment. Implementing the idea of GO GREEN doesn’t cost money. In fact, using effective GO GREEN ideas can actually save you money, because it will provide a healthier life and more productive spaces for all of us.


The Green Action Plan (GAP) is an online tool that can be use for practicing Green and Sustainability in personal life, at home, at work place, at institution or organization and in communities. And also help us monitor our progress and measures our success. It will have all the resources and information we need to be Greener and more Sustainable.

“Go Green, because it is the right things to do”

Go Green, its start with YOU.

Ananta Ahmed

Managing Director of 360 TSL

Green Expert and creator of the GAP