The GAP Benefits

Personal Benefit

  • It will enhance self control and positive thinking.
  • It will strive to build “self esteem, self worth, elegance, grace, strength and intellect.”
  • It will encourage learning, research, innovation and encourages for new ideas.
  • It will promote healthier life style.

An opportunity to build upon leadership skills that are transferable to personal and professional life and in resume.

Develop lifelong good habits and learn how to work as part of a team towards a common goal.

Learn valuable character traits such as “pride, productivity, and organization.”

Skill development in the areas of leadership, mentoring, and networking on campus/organization, work place and in the community we live and serve.

Offers opportunities to communicate with professionals in environmental management during seminars, workshops and other activities.

Opportunity to improve good and proactive communication skills, administration capacity, supervision abilities and learn to embracing challenges.

It will encourage being in good health, taking care of the body and learning natural remedy for common health problems.

Professional development in the area of efficiency and effectiveness, organize and coordinate training programs, learn reporting and resource management.

Learn to prepare and/or edit meeting minutes, presentations and tables.

Learn organizational skills and lead a team with positive working relationships.

Opportunity to improve oral & written communication skills in both Bengali & English.


Environmental Benefit

It’s an opportunity to directly impact the environment in a positive way and be responsible for all our personal acts that contributed to carbon footprint.

It will save energy, water and resources.

It will improve overall ecological balance, protecting and increasing our green spaces.

It will reduce congestion and pollution

Reduce waste sent to landfills, harmful greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint


Financial Benefit

It will help to be financially responsible and save money in the long run in personal life, family and in the organization.

Cutting down on costs and saving resources

Lower operating costs and increase asset value

Increased productivities will generate income

Making own resources or reuse and saving the cost


Community Benefit

Enhance community involvement and volunteerism.

Geared towards promoting social involvement while providing every one with opportunities to meet new peers and friends

Support local economy and community

Clean and healthy community with every one involvement

Every positive action brings more p


Corporate and Organizational Benefit

Reduce Costs: By minimizing cost with efficient energy use, water use, material use and purchasing practices

Enhance Reputation: Amongst your employees, customers, clients, suppliers and your local communities

Attract and Retain Staff: Who are motivated and who will want to work with you and stay with you. The Green Action Plan will improve employee satisfaction.

Productivity and Health: Green Action Plan attributes of buildings and indoor environments can improve worker productivity and occupant health and well-being, resulting in bottom line benefits for businesses.

Win Business: From customers, clients and funders who value environmental responsibility credentials

Corporate Value: Practicing the Green Action Plan will demonstrate your corporate value as responsible organization towards environmental responsibilities.

Marketing Advantage: The Green Action Plan will help your organization to improve its environmental, social and economic sustainability and will be appreciated by others.