Personal Benefit

It will enhance self control and positive thinking.

It will strive to build “self esteem, self worth, elegance, grace, strength and intellect.”

It will encourage learning, research, innovation and encourages for new ideas.

It will promote healthier life style.

An opportunity to build upon leadership skills that are transferrable to personal and professional life and in resume.

Develop lifelong good habits and learn how to work as part of a team towards a common goal.

Learn valuable character traits such as “pride, productivity, and organization.”

Skill development in the areas of leadership, mentoring, and networking on campus/organization, work place and in the community we live and serve.

Offers opportunities to communicate with professionals in environmental management during seminars, workshops and other activities.

Opportunity to improve good and proactive communication skills, administration capacity, supervision abilities and learn to embracing challenges.

It will encourage being in good health, taking care of the body and learning natural remedy for common health problems.

Professional development in the area of efficiency and effectiveness, organize and coordinate training programs, learn reporting and resource management.

Learn to prepare and/or edit meeting minutes, presentations and tables.

Learn organizational skills and lead a team with positive working relationships.

Opportunity to improve oral & written communication skills in both Bengali & English.